Thanks to the flexibility of the audio-visual media format, P.E.A.S™ offers both customers and potential users the benefits of enjoying highly engaging patient education series on multiple channels – whether for personal viewing, online viewing or group sessions.


At P.E.A.S.™, we believe that despite the growing influence of digital media, the Print Medium is here to stay. In fact, there is a resurgence of the print medium as far as Healthcare information goes.


With more than 1000 minutes of proprietary patient education video, spanning 100+ DVDs on diverse topics available in 9+ languages, the P.E.A.S.™ collection of DVDs is steadily growing in scope and numbers.


With our longstanding presence in the virtual world and backed with vast archives of constantly updated Videos, Animations, Content and specially designed Healthcare Information, P.E.A.S.™ stands strong when it comes to providing any type of healthcare / patient education related solution for the web.

Digital Informed
Consent Software

We have pioneered yet another breakthrough concept in Indian Medical history with PEAS™ MyConsent. PEAS™ MyConsent seeks to address the importance of patient autonomy and the need to protect doctors against medical lawsuits.


P.E.A.S.™ is actively engaged in producing, licensing and distributing a range of informative videos for personal, online and broadcast purposes.