My Consent

The issue of Medical Consent – an integral part of diverse medical procedures and treatments today – is an area that is not only gaining widespread significance but also remains widely ignored in the Indian medical scenario. Failure to obtain valid consent is one of the commonest reasons patients go to court when they are unhappy with their doctor.
Since there are no standardised guidelines published by the Government or any reputed medical body, there is a huge lacuna in the sphere of Medical Consent and consequently a spate in medico-legal and malpractice claims in the past decades.
What makes a consent – an ideal consent is still a grey area in India and at the same time there is a lot of ambiguity in the consent document, which leads to varied interpretations that often results in damages to both Doctors and Patients. On one hand, patient’s interests come first as far as safe medical practice is concerned and on the other hand, doctors’ also need to be mentally liberated from prospects of legal complications in case of a procedure gone wrong.
This inspired P.E.A.S.™ to pioneer yet another breakthrough concept in Indian Medical history with P.E.A.S.™ My Consent that seeks to address the importance of patient autonomy and the need to protect doctors against medical lawsuits.
It is a well-known fact that giving proper information to patients before a procedure improves patient satisfaction and helps decrease litigations in medical practices. P.E.A.S.™ My Consent is a specially designed software that streamlines the consent taking process and helps ensure the doctor that it is truly an ‘informed consent’, thereby protecting both doctors and patients.
The software helps manage medico-legal risk with innovative tools, which enhance doctor-patient communication. The software provides a multilingual, audio visual patient information – cum – consent taking solution for the first time in India. P.E.A.S.™ My Consent allows doctors to achieve detailed, provable documentation of the consent process without wasting precious time and with complete transparency.