At P.E.A.S.™ , we believe that despite the growing influence of digital media, the Print Medium is here to stay. In fact, there is a resurgence of the print medium as far as Healthcare information goes.

Today, in a scenario where clinics and hospitals across the nation are taking Patient Education initiatives very seriously – effective Print-based communication has become the most cost-effective, flexible and popular mode of spreading healthcare information on a variety of specific and general health issues. As a consequence, P.E.A.S.™ offers its clients a choice of print-based healthcare information material.


Colourful, well-illustrated and precise. We provide a variety of attractive posters that are ideal for health camps, workshops & one-to-one sessions for individuals as well as groups. A lot of hospitals and pharma majors prefer to use these as part of events, seminars and awareness sessions. Based on the need, the posters can be customised to suit specific speciality or topic. Printed on good quality paper and in various sizes, the posters are all-time favourite vehicles for healthcare information providers.


Everybody loves a story. Especially, when it is a story with an imaginative plot, real life characters, attractive and colorful visuals. Our Health Information Comic Series carry a unique appeal of their own when it comes to sharing medical information in an interesting way.