The role of pharma majors is an important one in the Healthcare industry. Over the years, the Pharma companies have assumed a pivotal role in not only ensuring better, value-added product deliveries to the medical community but they are also responsible for boosting patient education.

In a scenario, where pharma sector views patient education as an important part of their corporate social responsibility to the patient, P.E.A.S™ comes forward as a handy and dependable partner they can count on.

Our impressive library of 100+ titles encompassing almost all the major and minor ailments and medical conditions, even medical procedures serves the purpose of like-minded Pharma Companies well !

No wonder, a number of pharma majors have clubbed their new product offerings with a complimentary gift of the relevant P.E.A.S™ titles, making it a powerful combination in their presentation to doctors.

As for the doctors, our titles (both, videos and print media) save precious time, effort and money that would be spent on just creating their own patient education material. Apart from DVDs, our social media solutions also provide useful service to the Pharma sector.