Doctors today need to upgrade themselves to the Doctor 2.0. With the advent of web 2.0 and all major interactions, business, and engagement moving online, healthcare cannot be far behind. Today the doctor should be able to check his email; store digital patient records; engage patient with meaningful patient education channel; have an identity on the web and a whole lot more. P.E.A.S™ in partnership with Plus91 Technologies have created various tools and solutions to help doctors achieve their potential online thereby creating better business, better patient engagement and better quality care.

Patient Education DVD

P.E.A.S™ has emerged as the best partner-in-practice for today’s medical community. Thanks to our wide spectrum of medically approved content and easy-to-follow libraries of DVDs, medical specialists and doctors across India use our content for education/distribution amongst their patients, thus saving precious time and energy. Our multimedia DVD library is not only extensive but also constantly updated to include latest developments. Our entire range of DVDs are available in various Indian regional languages.

Patient Education on Web

Your website is not just a tool to give you and your practice an online identity but also an important channel to engage your patient. P.E.A.S.™ web based plug-in modules allow you to create an engaging patient education channel on your website. Choose from our vast patient education video library in 9+ regional languages and make your site patient friendly!

Websites for Doctors

Websites for Doctors creates smart and professional websites for doctors, clinics and hospitals to attract more patients and increase patient engagement. Websites are conceived, designed and developed by professionals in conjunction with doctors to give a solid end product. Get your website created from us today!

Social media for Doctors

Social Media is changing the way Doctors and Patients interact. We provide some interesting insights on how this interaction is changing the way you practice. Be sure to check out our Social Media Marketing plans to help increase patient engagement and improve outcomes!

Clinic Software for Doctors

Would you like your clinic to be managed smoothly? All patient records at your fingertips, all accounts managed with no last minute end of the financial year running around, all inventory accounted for, all appointments on time and tracked, all pending payments reported for follow up. Our clinic software allows you to do all those things with ease from a single software interface. Connect with us today to know more!