It goes without saying that behind the sustained growth and success of P.E.A.S™ lies the good wishes and earnest encouragement of our prized consumers in the medical community, many of whom never fail to communicate to us – their gratitude and appreciation for helping them insure their patients against ignorance of key health and medical conditions.
Here’s what the medical community has to say about the quality of patient education offered by P.E.A.S™

“Even though I’ve come across quite a range of audio visual media on patient care, the PEAS™ initiative is certainly a never before approach. The DVDs on baby care were excellent. I was really amazed with the manner in which such a critical topic was handled
in a patient-friendly language combined with the pleasant narration and visuals without compromising on the content. Hats off for the good work!”

Dr. M. Lakshman, Paeditrician
Child Care Centre, Arni (T.N.)

“I have always been passionate about health awareness and was very happy to discover PEAS™. I use your DVDs in my OPD as it helps my patients a lot. I have also gifted PEAS™ DVDs to Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, Aurangabad, They were highly appreciated and are proving very useful to their patients!”

Dr. Prakash Sigedar, MD(Ortho),
Jalna (Maharashtra)

“Very good animation, language & illustrations. PEAS™ is a great source of information. I would love to have the titles in Oriya language as well!”

Dr. Subrata Chatterjee, CMO
Essel Mining & Ind. Ltd, Keonjhar, Orissa

“I have really liked PEAS™ DVDs. They are very good. Infact, I have even gifted two titles – Respiratory Disorders & Vaccination to my friend, Dr. Upen Shah (Ped.)!”

Dr. Chirag Shah, ObGyn

“P.E.A.S™ is very useful. We keep playing in the waiting area of my clinic and it is proving very helpful to my patients.”

Dr. Niraj Bijlani, MD(Ortho)

“The presentation is very good, language is easy to understand. It is very useful to the patients.”

Dr. Marathe, MD(Ortho)
Amravati, Maharashtra

“I think PEAS™ is a very good concept. Really apt to serve doctors in the modern times.”

Dr. Fateh Singh, M.B.B.S

“I think PEAS™ DVDs are very good. I bought two titles on Oesteoarthritis and kidney failure. They are excellent!”

Mr. A Shabir Khan
Hospital Rep., Indore (M.P.)

“The presentation is really good and highly useful as it is a good information tool.”

Dr. Preeti Bhandari, ObGyn

“I like PEAS™. It really helps as it is very useful to my patients.”

Dr. Biswajit Banik, ObGyn

“I like the DVDs very much. Good effort on part of PEAS™.”

Mrs. Bharti Gada, Dietician

“I like the choice of titles. Excellent presentation and simple language is a definite plus.”

Dr. B.G. Nandakishore, MD(Ortho)
Shivamoga, Karnataka

“I liked PEAS™ DVDs. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Sunil Rastogi
Hospital Staff, Alwar (Rajasthan)

“Great presentation. Like the language and animations.”

Dr. Sanjay Ratnaparkhi, M.B.B.S
Hospital Staff, Yavatmal, Maharashtra

“I think it is a very good concept. I am always keen to know more about the series.”

Dr. Anita Singh, ObGyn
Lucknow (U.P.)

“I find the whole presentation very interesting and easy to understand. The PEAS™ collection is a very seful one for all.”

Col. Shiv Kumar,
Military Hospital, Meerut (UP)

“All the titles are very good. The language is simple; easy to understand!”

Dr. Padmaja Joshi, ObGyn
Nasik, Maharashtra

“I really like the DVDs, specially the animation and graphics.”

Dr. Pramod Parasnath Yadav, ObGyn
Valsad, Gujarat

“I like the DVDs, it is a useful aid for all doctors.”

Dr. Manoj Belsare, ObGyn
Aurangabad, Maharashtra

“I appreciate the information and graphics. The DVDs are really nice, but they can even be more elaborate.”

Dr. Nagaraja
Hospital Staff, Hosakote (Karnataka)

“The PEASTM titles are very good. Very helpful to doctors !”

Dr. Manju Kala, ObGyn
Dehradun (H.P.)

“PEAS™ is a very useful concept, everyone must use it.”

Dr. Pushpender Singh Sandhu, M.B.B.S
Ludhiana (Punjab)

“Found it very useful. Like the series.”

Dr. A. Muthukumaran, M.B.B.S
Nagapattinam (T.N.)

“I regularly use PEAS™ DVDS to teach my patients and also, evaluate what they learn.
The audio-visual presentation and simple language makes it easier for my patients to understand.”

Dr. Sadanand Bhusari, M.B.B.S
Akola (Maharashtra)

“The PEAS™ series is very good material. We regularly use it in our hospital. It is of great help to both, patients and doctors.”

Venkataraman Nursing Home
Prakasana Dist. (A.P.)

“I admire the sheer range of topics. I am all for promoting PEAS™ as an excellent tool for imparting patient education.”

Dr. Gurava Reddy, MD(Ortho)
Secunderabad, AP

“I like the DVDs and have always found it very useful.”

Dr. Sameer Mehta, Pathologist

“I have already bought the DVDs on two occasions and regularly want more.”

Dr. Vaibhav Devgirikar (M.O.)
Hindu Mahasabha Hospital, Mumbai

“I have really liked the product. It’s highly useful.”

Dr. Samar Abbas
Lucknow (U.P.)

“I really like the presentation and depth of knowledge offered by the DVDs. Certainly like to buy more titles!”

Dr. J. R. Seth, Diabetologist

“P.E.AS™ Ladies First series is really good. I find it very useful for my practice”

Dr. Varsha Mahajan, ObGyn
Indore (M.P.)

“The DVDs are very useful. The animation is very good and beneficial to patients.”

Dr. Yogesh, M.D. (Physician)
Nerul, Navi Mumbai

“PEAS™ DVDs are very good. I am keen to order more!”

Dr. Paresh G. Kamat, M.B.B.S

“I am a regular user of PEAS™ Patient Education material and I like it a lot.”

Dr. Sukalyan Ghosh, M.B.B.S
P.O. Barasat, Kolkata

“I like the DVDs, they are very good, advisable for all!”

Dr. Manikant Singla
Ludhiana, Punjab

“The DVDs are very good, very useful and works a lot for the doctor.”

Dr. Astha Ubeja, ObGyn
Khandwa ( M.P.)

“PEAS™ is a great idea. Like the DVDs and order them often.”

Dr. N. K. Chandrashekhar, M.B.B.S
Coonoor (TN)

“I have bought few DVDs. I liked them and expect more and better work from PEAS™”

Dr. A. H. Hareesh, MD(Ortho)
Mysore, Karnataka

“The DVDs are very good. The right concept for our times.”

Dr. C. H. Veeramma, ObGyn
Nellore (A.P.)

“PEAS™ titles are remarkable, specially the language and animation aspects. I am keen to know more and order more and more titles for my practice.”

Dr. Vasant Chaudhari, M.B.B.S
Jalgaon, Maharashtra

“I like the DVDs very much, especially the regional language version. I look forward to simpler version to suit rural areas.”

Ms. Sheetal Desai,
Chinmay Org. for Rural Development-NGO
Sindhbani Tapovan (H.P.)

“I really like the collection. The concept, animation and up-to-date information, it is complete in every sense.”

Dr. Kaushik Shantilal Barot, M.B.B.S
Amreli, Gujarat

“Very good content and well-researched presentation”

Dr. A. Sridevi, ObGyn
Namakkal (T.N.)

“PEAS™ DVDs are very good. Immensely useful in my daily practice.”

Dr. Adinath S. Rajguru, ObGyn
Osmanabad, Maharashtra